Innovation in Customer Service Wins Concentrix European Contact Centre & Customer Service Award (ECCCSA)

Strategic partnership with Unbabel leads to industry-disrupting advantage

ECCCSA announced Unbabel and Concentrix among their 2019 winners at a gala in London on Nov. 26. Our partnership was recognized for Innovation in Customer Service from ECCCSA thanks to an industry-disrupting solution. The partnership allowed for fast and profitable translation through a combination of AI and human translation. This development allows clients to provide superior yet affordable customer service in “long tail” languages, whose speakers have often been forced to accept customer service in a second language, such as English.

Through the strategic partnership, Unbabel and Concentrix successfully transformed multilingual support teams to improve customer experience (CX) and provide more extensive language support hours for customers globally. Powered by state-of-the-art AI and a worldwide community of translators, the Unbabel platform delivers human-quality translators quickly at scale.

“Our strategic partnership with Unbabel elevates the extensive multilingual delivery we have across the globe and is a perfect synergy for how we deliberately look to disrupt and transform traditional solutions to be future-first in design for twenty-first century CX,” said Paula Kennedy, Concentrix lead for the Unbabel partnership. “Our combined partnership is setting a new norm in the possibilities of customer management, and recognition of that innovation by ECCCSA cements just how meaningful innovation is for our industry.”

For more information, please contact Lila Metcalf, Industry Relations, [email protected]

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