The key to delivering high quality customer engagement is using the right advanced technology. From initial recruitment through advanced job specialization, technology platforms can increase efficiency and ensure the correct focus on the customer is maintained. You can be assured that our ready team of experts are up-to-date with new toolsets that optimize customer experience, and the skills required to use them.

How we’ll help:

Concentrix CORE framework — Our set of unique central platforms establishes essential global and local operational processes for all staff, and standard reporting to confirm adherence.

Digital Recruiting & Onboarding — We find qualified candidates at lower cost by using today’s toolsets in the channels where and when the best job seekers can be found.

Advanced Learning — Onboarding, orientation, training, and ongoing development are enabled with an array of proprietary and third-party tools. Gamification of learning optimizes the speed at which employees master their responsibilities.

Intelligent Advisor Assist & Real Time Insights — Operations gamification, QA automation, real-time conversation assistance, digital processes, and robust knowledge assistance provide the support that ensures performance excellence.

Digital Workforce & RPA — Efficiency, compliance, and productivity are increased with automation that performs multi-step processes and transactions on behalf of the advisor or customer.

Advisor 2.0 — As more interactions are automated, the complex human-executed tasks that remain are crucially important to customer experience. Advisors focused on high value customer interactions are equipped with 360⁰ support that ensures success in the digital ecosystem.

Innovation & Ideation — Detailed insights from frontline employees into what is working—or not—in day-to-day activities is second to none. We drive grassroots ideation and innovation, improving outcomes and job satisfaction.

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