Reduce churn and improve renewal rates.

Companies risk recurring revenue leakage, customer churn, and missed opportunities to grow customer lifetime value without a comprehensive renewals management program or customer success strategy in place. Maintaining strong connections with customers and ensuring they retain the value of their initial investment are the keys to ongoing satisfaction and renewals. Concentrix will help you scale your renewal management processes with the right mix of sales motions to efficiently maximize your renewal rate and yield.

Insight-led Approach

Insight-Led Approach

Maximize investment value. Our insight-led approach mitigates your revenue risk with an intimate understanding of your customer base and a limitless ability to scale. It ensures your customers retain the value of their investment in your products and services, delivering:

  • Improved customer loyalty and retention rates
  • Increased revenue across your entire customer base
  • Boosted productivity and efficiency of existing resources
  • Pipeline management to maintain install base overtime

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