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Delivering great service to customers globally can be a complicated decision, balancing your desire to offer localized support versus the impact on cost and efficiency. However, in a digitally driven world, language solutions are redefined. Concentrix Lingualab enables your best staff with the power to be multilingual, with advanced AI-enabled, native-quality translation, so that all customers around the world receive personalized, great service, without barriers.

Concentrix Lingualab
What is Lingualab?

What is Lingualab?

Concentrix Lingualab consists of centralized hubs that combine award-winning translation solutions with top talent to deliver seamless, best-in-class language experiences. Removing the barrier of language accelerates hiring, training, and digital transformation, unlocking new levels of staffing flexibility and efficiency.

Concentrix Lingualab - Big Innovation Award 2021
Bronze 2020 Stevie Winner
National Innovation Awards

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