Customer engagement is at a crossroads. Past abuses have resulted in reactionary regulations like GPDR that are proving to be both challenging to implement and frustrating for customers who have come to expect personalized and frictionless experiences. Innovators across industries are looking for a way to guarantee customer privacy and security while still providing better CX, and many are turning to Web3, where blockchain technology allows users to read, write, and own their data, for solutions.

Although some of the growing concern about Web3 is fair, the technology can still be put to good use for enterprise business cases. New experiences are just on the horizon, and Web3 is considered a defining technology for metaverse adoption. This whitepaper will help you understand the Web3 industry in order to leverage the technology for successful customer engagement.

Download the whitepaper and learn:

  • The fundamentals of the technology and terminology, including Web3, blockchain (public, private, hybrid), dApp, digital wallets, and smart contracts
  • Practical applications and common use cases for certificates of authenticity, distributed content distribution, digital assets, and more
  • How industry leaders are leveraging Web3 to enhance customer engagement
  • How to get started with a proof of concept