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Crypto Economy

Applying white
glove support to
navigate new
tax regulations


This private equity-backed startup provides a platform designed to help global investors calculate the appropriate taxes owed on their crypto economy investments. The client came to Concentrix with a strong business plan and a team of developers, but no product live in the market. Although its website advertised live support, it had no customer service team, no training resources, and no clear understanding of its customers’ profiles or support needs.

The objective was simple, but the solution would prove to be highly complex. The client needed a partner with experience operating in this unique industry who could hire, train, and deploy approximately 250 advisors in time for peak tax season— just two months away— while also guiding their overall customer experience (CX) strategy.


Concentrix was quick to become immersed in not just understanding the client’s business, but also defining the role of the advisor and the types of customers they would be supporting. This meant first determining the technical knowledge required to be successful, and then gauging the level of understanding needed to interpret complex tax and compliance regulations.

Faced with the challenges of an already compressed implementation timeline compounded by the holiday season, we recommended a multi-step engagement plan that recognized the client would be the first to go live with this unique service in support of the crypto economy:

  • Advisor recruitment: A dedicated recruitment team was assigned to develop the advisor profile and begin hiring the initial elite team, ensuring that it would be fully onboarded in time for the first scheduled training.
  • Advisor training: With the client having no training resources or experience, we dedicated an experienced learning and development team to create a new end-to-end advisor training program, pulling in material from similar programs where possible, while building new content to fill in the gaps.
  • Day one launch: Within 10 days of completing training, an elite team of 25 crypto-savvy advisors, chosen to be quick to understand the platform and provide a great customer experience, supported a beta launch of the client’s new product.
  • Post-launch feedback: As the first advisors to support such a product, proactive feedback from the elite team provided invaluable recommendations to further enhance customer experiences, which was shared with the client’s engineering team to aid product enhancement.
  • Tax season ramp: As the tax season peaked, we quickly scaled the program to 250 advisors, with the initial elite team growing into leadership roles and helping to ease the ramp to proficiency for the new team.

As an outcome of our close collaboration, we also worked with the client to help develop their business-to-business sales strategy, recommending it target the certified/chartered professional accountant (CPA) and accounting market, rather than individual consumers, to maximize early returns on the sales investment. With a sales training program that used the same product training developed for advisors, paired with Concentrix’s sales playbook and marketing templates, we enacted the strategy with a team of 100 tax sales advisors.


Following the successful launch, we performed a fast-track assessment where we mapped out the customer journey and identified opportunities to improve the customer experience. This included modifications to existing processes, technology, and advisor training, as well as the introduction of automation, messaging and bot interfaces, voice of the customer best practices, and more.

Concentrix now manages the complete crypto economy lifecycle for this client, from acquisition and account setup, through ongoing support and customer retention.