Managing Metaverse Safety for a Virtual Gaming Ecosystem

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Metaverse Safety

Moderating metaverse
gaming activity
live and reactively
from central locations

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This client manages one of the world’s largest social metaverse platforms, offering chat, gaming, shopping, and other virtual experiences. With over 70 percent of its users falling under the age of 18, the client faced a challenge in how to protect minors from such things as online predators, cybersex, cyberbullying, privacy issues, and hidden fees. It was seeking a partner in a centralized location with the capability to promote metaverse safety with global support, both live and reactively.


As the metaverse has extended into an open ecosystem made up of hybrid, shared spaces that blend physical, digital, and virtual realities, participants have begun to maintain a sense of presence that persists across these spaces, taking part in fully immersive experiences. Concentrix collaborated closely with the client to advance our shared understanding of these shared spaces to develop a plan for ensuring metaverse safety and delivery excellence. 

Looking beyond gaming to embrace a broader virtual experience, while still ensuring the safety of the gaming community, we supported the client in building a compliance framework that included policy and process improvements. 

We implemented a team of trust and safety experts in the Philippines that was responsible for ensuring metaverse safety by moderating global users and content for:

  • Behavioral issues
  • Spam
  • Sexual content
  • Inappropriate conversations
  • Alignment of user-generated virtual products and images to the terms of service


We review over 4 million flagged cases annually, with 20 percent of those reviews uncovering metaverse safety violations serious enough to permanently remove users from the platform.

Among users of the platform, our support has an 82 percent customer satisfaction score.

Our partnership with the client has grown from 15 advisors in 2009, to over 100 advisors, with Concentrix becoming their sole partner in delivering support and trust and safety services, earning a perfect 10/10 client satisfaction rating for five years running.