Content Trust and Safety in a World of Pure Imagination

Case Study / Technology
Content Trust and Safety

Pioneering success
in virtual reality and
metaverse gaming

conversations moderated


This video game developer is also a pioneer in the realm of virtual reality (VR) social experiences. In launching their metaverse gaming experience, the client was concerned with the vulnerability of its users in the face of monetary fraud, cyberbullying, trafficking, sex offenses, and identity theft. While it had a clear goal of deploying a virtual content trust and safety program, it lacked existing benchmarks, so it was seeking a partner who could define processes and set metrics.


The client presented an exciting challenge for the Concentrix content trust and safety team as it would be our first such content moderation program to operate within a VR world. We collaborated with the client to understand the virtual experience, along with the abilities and limitations of a virtual world.

At the same time, with the rapid acceleration of metaverse gaming and the dynamic of gamers becoming more diverse and ubiquitous, we knew it was important to understand:

  • Who gamers are in their market
  • Where and what they play
  • What matters to them
  • What social dynamics are at play within the gaming community

With those understandings established, we built a robust, extremely agile support model in a dynamic space. Our experience in gaming moderation empowered us to proactively support the client in defining measurable metrics that mattered, along with key processes like quality, productivity tracking, real-time monitoring, accuracy checks, and work hours while wearing a VR headset.

The program expanded from 10 to 110 staff within the first year, including a team of 65 content trust and safety experts who moderated global users in live scenarios to catch offenders who violated the client’s terms and conditions around harassment, cyberbullying, identity theft, monetary fraud, sexual content, inappropriate conversations, sharing of personal information, and more. Through their avatars, these moderators also functioned as guides for users requiring help and support in the VR world.

Contributing to the client’s success was a program built on the following:

  • A well-defined VR gaming playbook that underpins every aspect of trust and safety
  • In-region teams with experienced global leadership supporting the building and implementation of processes that ensure delivery excellence
  • A wellness playbook designed specifically for the gaming industry that is culturally embedded into every support function
  • A state-of-the-art experience hub that allows moderators to experience the platform
  • Centralized governance and leadership focused on the program to support expansion into new regions


In the first year alone, we moderated 300,000 live conversations and flagged cases.

Over the past 12 years, Concentrix has built a partnership with the client based on content trust and safety and delivery excellence, with daily diligence on accuracy, positioning us as the client’s only partner in this space.

As a testament to the trust the client has in our team, we have been chosen as the partner to introduce a new integrity line of business with the authority to completely remove offenders from the platform.