Your customer loyalty program is a rich source of knowledge and experience from which you can leverage customer retention metrics to become your brand’s advisory group. Using feedback from customers can deliver multiple benefits that not only enhance your company’s customer retention, customer experience, and growth strategy, but also provide strategic benefits to help your brand prosper.

Of course, it helps to incentivize to collect customer feedback. But, that’s a small cost when compared to the overall gain that can be measured. The process of asking customer feedback questions and getting responses increases customer and brand loyalty. That improved program engagement enables even more benefits.

Building one-to-one relationships with customers can enhance brand advocacy as customers provide unique insights to validate and test new concepts. Plus, select customer segments can be tested for ways to minimize churn and improve customer retention. Every interaction can strengthen the relationship to create and sustain a repeat customer.

This video illustrates the value of Loyalty Voices, powered by ConcentrixCX, and the ease in using this application to improve revenue by increasing customer and brand loyalty. Collect customer feedback, create a better brand experience, and deliver higher customer retention metrics.