Customer success depends on a continuous and connected journey. If done correctly, customers should realize the value of your product or service at every stage of the customer journey—from acquisition to renewal—enabling you to reduce churn and drive incremental sales.

Yet, many companies aren’t clear about what customer success actually means. Who owns it? How do you measure success?

We believe customer success management is a team sport that involves sales, product teams, finance, implementation teams, your partners channel, and more. They must be fully integrated into the process and row in the same direction to deliver a cohesive customer experience.

In our e-Book, A Deep Dive on How to Measure Customer Success Performance and What Reporting Matters, we explore what it takes to implement and measure an effective customer success strategy, including:

  • The difference between customer success, customer service, and renewals
  • What data is critical for benchmarking performance and reporting outcomes
  • Top key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be measuring
  • Customer success do’s and don’ts