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Experience Orchestration

Orchestrate action in live-time.

The most successful companies make action easy. ConcentrixCX will help your employees become smarter and more efficient with real time, guided actions that improve experiences and drive engagement.

Closed Loop

Respond in the moment.

Simplify experience management by being alerted of customer issues in real time, using any combination of structured and unstructured data. Alert prioritization, routing and a full case management system will empower teams to reach resolution faster, mitigate churn risk and uncover larger systemic issues.

Action Planner

Make problem-solving simple.

Insights are of no use if you can’t take steps to improve. Action Planner facilitates organizational change management at all levels. Through guided workflows and collaboration tools, your teams can create step-by-step improvement roadmaps, tag owners to unique activities, track progress and measure the impact of solutions implemented.

Setting the pace for CX excellence

“Concentrix is great for buyers looking for a blend of technology and services with a strong focus on analysis and action.”

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q1 2020.

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