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Analytics & AI Powered Insights

Democratize game-changing intelligence.

Transform text from surveys, social, employee notes and more into actionable insights that are widely understood across your ecosystem. Use machine and human learning to automatically analyze text feedback, surface themes, quantify sentiment and prioritize action.


Stay ahead of customer needs.

Don’t wait until your customers leave to figure out why. PredictCX uses advanced analytics and AI to uncover your biggest issues, determine priority and predict impact so that you can proactively improve experiences in the areas that matter most.

Analyst Suite

Make uncovering insight easy.

Robust and intuitive tools help analytics teams focus on strategic change, not administrative tasks. From weighting and cross-tabs to data queries and exports, it’s never been easier or more efficient for teams to conduct deep data investigation.

ConcentrixCX Mobile

Feedback in the palm of your hand.

Allow employees to listen, learn and act on feedback, no matter where they are. From dashboards to customer alerts and employee kudos, ConcentrixCX Mobile puts insights at your fingertips, making customer experience a daily habit.

Setting the pace for CX excellence

“Concentrix is great for buyers looking for a blend of technology and services with a strong focus on analysis and action.”

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q1 2020.

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